Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Additional set

I have the latest batch of pictures in of the most recently made stitch markers. Here they are! Like the other sets I offer, these are all of original design and the set shown is the only set available (unless otherwise noted, of course). If you contact me on sets I have previously sold, or about sets you are purchasing and would like me to create additional sets for you, I would be more than happy to do so with no additional charge aside from that of the sets themselves.

This is a set of 5 and fits up to size US6 knitting needles.

Nicely fits up to size US6 knitting needles.
Pink Rose

The cutest little koalas ever to ride along with your knitting. These fit up to US6 knitting needle.

Lovely roses that fit up to US6 knitting needle.
Pink and Green Rose

These are some of my simple yet classic designs. Both the green and white set fit up to US9 knitting neeles.
Classic White and Blue

Classic Greens

Hope you enjoy!!

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Reyna said...

Keep up the good work.